Topic outline

  • 1. Take a Step Forward

    "Take a Step Forward" is a role-playing exercise that requires the participants to act out a brief dramatic scene. During role plays, players use improvisation while drawing on their own life experiences. Role plays help people better understand a situation and develop empathy for the characters they are portraying. They give people a safe space to confront and deal with challenging situations. 

  • 2. Creation of Social Enterpise

    The activity "Creation of Social Enterprise" is based on brainstorming techniques. Brainstorming is a creative thinking method for generating fresh concepts and finding solutions to issues. Using this ideation technique, teams can promote fresh perspectives and develop solutions together.


    The Inclusive Creative Thinking exercise is a collaborative and open-minded approach to generating ideas and solutions. It emphasizes the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and collective input in the creative process. Participants from various backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences are encouraged to contribute their unique insights and viewpoints. The exercise creates a safe and inclusive space where all ideas are welcomed and respected.
    Through inclusive creative thinking, the exercise aims to break down barriers, challenge assumptions, and foster a culture of collaboration. It promotes active listening, empathy, and the exploration of alternative perspectives. By actively seeking out and valuing diverse opinions, the exercise cultivates an environment that nurtures innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • 4. SIX HAT

    The Six Hat creative thinking exercise is a methodical approach to exploring ideas and solving problems. It involves wearing different "hats," each representing a different thinking style or perspective. Developed by Edward de Bono, this exercise aims to enhance critical thinking, collaboration, and decision-making within a group setting.

    The Six Hat creative thinking exercise encourages collaboration, enhances communication, and promotes a more comprehensive exploration of ideas. It allows teams to break free from conventional thinking patterns and approach problems from different angles. By systematically considering various aspects and perspectives, participants can make more informed decisions, generate innovative solutions, and achieve better outcomes.

  • 5. Critical Thinking by Your POV (Point of View)

    Critical Thinking by Your POV (Point of View) is a dynamic and interactive workshop designed to foster critical thinking skills in participants. The activity engages learners in analyzing real-world scenarios, identifying bias and assumptions in arguments, and improving decision-making by considering multiple perspectives.

  • 6. Critical Thinking by Analysing News Articles

    "Critical Thinking through Analyzing News Articles" is an interactive workshop aimed at enhancing participants' critical thinking abilities by delving into the world of news media. The activity focuses on analyzing news articles, practicing bias identification, and honing fact-checking skills to improve media literacy and assess the credibility of news sources.

  • 7. My Social Media Platform

    My Social Media Platform'' is a captivating exploration of social media's impact on critical thinking, values, and ethics in the digital age. Participants engage in interactive activities, fostering awareness of ethical considerations, and envisioning innovative approaches to responsible digital citizenship.

  • 8. The other him and I

    the other him and i'' it is an interactive activity or exercise designed to explore the concepts of critical thinking and cooperation through a creative and physical representation,It's a creative way to foster teamwork, critical thinking, and communication skills while exploring abstract concepts related to the theme.

  • 9. ESL Debate

    Is a discussion about a specific topic during which two teams make arguments for or against an issue. The supporting team (affirmative team) is in favor of the given statement (pro), and the opposing team argues against (con) the statement

  • 10. Big Paper: Building a Silent Conversation

    Is used to get learners to communicate without having participants speak up in front of thier colleagues. Learners write their responses to a prompt on sheets of paper but cannot speak while doing so. They must then also write answers to one another's points so that they are “conversing” through writing.

  • 11. Matching Tasks and Skills

    Welcome to the "Matching Tasks and Skills" activity, where we embark on a journey to practice and enhance our essential skills. This exercise is not just about honing specific abilities; it's about refining the way we think. Through careful analysis, assessment, and reconstruction of our thought processes, we aim to develop a more self-regulated and self-corrective thinking style. Moreover, this activity encourages us to engage in mindful communication, tackle problems with creative solutions, and break free from biases and egocentric tendencies that may hinder our daily lives. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of skill development and critical thinking.

  • 12. The Invention Challenge

    Welcome to "The Invention Challenge," an exciting activity designed to sharpen your problem-solving skills, enhance your ability to analyze arguments, and promote critical thinking. In this engaging exercise, you'll have the opportunity to tackle real-world problems, dissect arguments from multiple angles, and develop innovative solutions. The journey ahead promises to be both intellectually stimulating and creatively rewarding. So, get ready to harness your intellect and imagination as we embark on this inventive adventure.